Our Dogs.


Demi from Mike's Place (date of birth 23 august 2002).
(Klemm vom Roten Falken X Exe-Crash Les Betulacees).
Powerfull female.
She will be trained for the IPO program.

Gina from Mike's Place (date of birth 01 july 2003).
A female who always wants to work and has a lot of drive.
She is a daughter from the legendary Klemm Vom Roten falken.
Her mother is Rena-Furij Les Betulacees ( Lion Perle de Tourbiere X Furij-Brico Godard )

Gracey from Mike's Place
Klemm vom Roten Falken X Rena Furij les Betulacees

Daria Sparks
(Jalk from Mike's Place X Demi from Mike's Place).

Xyra from Mike's Place
(Beisser van Joefarm X Cyra vom Rheurdter Land ).