Mike’s place ?

My name is Michel Peetjens born and still living in Venlo ( The Netherlands).
I got in contact with the dogsport through my grandfather who trained dogs for the KNPV program, mostly at that time German shepherds, bouviers or crossings.
I became my first dog when I was 15 years old, a x-malinois female from almost 2 years old.
This female wasn't suitable for the KNPV program but I was so impressed by her character that she staid with me for another 14 years.
In 1992 I was asked to work as security doghandler / trainer for the English army.
Her I worked mostly with German shepherds and Rotweilers, for tracking and the real guard dogs wich were famous for there hardness.
In 1997 I started to work for a security firm in Holland as security doghandler and at the same time I got the idea to start breeding a type of dog under my own kennelname wich should be suitable for sport, work and family.
The name from Mike's Place I got from my English colleague who always said Mike's Place were to meet when they wanted to go out for a drink in Holland.

Now after a few years with good succes I hope to keep the upgoing line.
For a breeder you can only succeed with the help from serious and enthousiastic dogowners and trainers. And I have to thank all the people who made the choice with a dog from Mike's Place for the confidence in our dogs.

Michel Peetjens.